Beyond Lip Service to Inclusion – Passer de la parole aux actes en matière d’inclusion : comment faire une place réelle aux personnes que nous souhaitons aider?

Tuesday, December 4, from 7 pm to 9 pm
Mardi 4 décembre, de 19 h à 21 h

*en français plus bas

Our University of the Streets Café public conversations are much like any you’d have with friends or family around a dinner table, except with more people, more points of view, and slightly more structure. Conversations are hosted by a volunteer moderator who is there to welcome everyone and keep things on track. To get things started, there’s a guest, or sometimes two, who get the ball rolling by sharing their ideas, experiences and questions. After that, it’s all up to the participants.

Inclusion is frequently invoked in the context of spaces that are anything but. Is an expressed commitment to inclusion a good first attempt towards mutuality in our spaces? This public conversation considers whether it is enough to claim to be inclusive and what further steps are needed in order to substantially commit to those we claim to support. What is needed for expressed commitments to inclusivity to prevent opportunist positioning?

Stephanie Guico is a cooperative management consultant and facilitator specialized in multi-stakeholder team building. Among other highlights, she has worked with the NYC Worker Cooperative Initiative build out the NYC worker cooperative business ecosystem. She has also undertaken business planning for a number of fledgling cooperative platforms in the home services, delivery and arts industry. She is currently collaborating with SMArt to scale the cooperative to the province of Quebec. She sits on the board of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada / Coopératives et mutuelles Canada

Nicolas Delisle, Wayne Robinson

Moderator: Zeina Allouche’s activism began in 1984 as a volunteer with civil organizations. Her profession started with UNICEF in Lebanon, and then as a communications officer in Yemen. She also managed an organization offering alternative care services with 140 staff and more than 3000 beneficiaries. She is an advocate for the right to origin and contributed performances based on testimonies of survivors of forced separation. Holder of a BA in Social Work , Master’s in Public Health, she is currently pursuing an INDI PHD researching forced separation in the view of the legacy of the Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Nous faisons fréquemment référence à l’inclusion lorsqu’il est question de milieux qui sont tout, sauf inclusifs. L’engagement exprimé en matière d’intégration constitue-t-il un premier effort prometteur pour assurer la réciprocité au sein de nos espaces? Dans le cadre de cette conversation publique, nous nous demanderons s’il suffit de se réclamer de l’inclusion. Quelles nouvelles étapes devons-nous entamer pour nous engager davantage envers ceux et celles que nous prétendons aider? Que pouvons-nous faire pour prévenir tout positionnement opportuniste dans les engagements exprimés en matière d’inclusion?

Invités: Stephanie Guico, Nicolas Delisle, Wayne Robinson
Moderatrice: Zeina Allouche


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