Becoming builders of collective autonomy.


More space for the Pointe Saint-Charles’ community! No to a wall of condos in front of the Bâtiment 7!

Groupe Mach and Samcon want to build 60 luxury condo units on the lots 3 and 4, at the Bâtiment 7’s doorsteps.

This project does not address Pointe Saint-Charles’ need for more affordable housing.

It jeopardizes the access to the Bâtiment 7 ongoing and future services.

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Building 7
Carrier : 7 à Nous Collective

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Building 7 is a heritage industrial building, a fragment of popular history in Point St. Charles, remodeled into an accessible alternative meeting place, teeming with projects.

Our mission

      To self-manage a collective property firmly rooted in our neighborhood's popular history;

      To create a hub of services, as well as artistic, cultural, social and political activities that adequately respond to the needs and desires expressed by the local population;

      To ensure the accessibility of the site to one and all, with a strong and affirmed bias in favour of marginalized and impoverished populations;

      To create an ecosystem based on experimentation and learning, in order to promote self-reliance, interdependence, complementarity and resource-sharing;

      To practice a horizontal and inclusive democratic mode of management;

      To demonstrate solidarity towards other social justice efforts and to actively engage in the collective reappropriation of our neighborhoods, our cities and our sense of togetherness.

Using the workshops

Shared workshops open to the community, a formula based on the will to transform traditional models of organisation and use of space.

Come fix, tinker, create and learn in collaborative workshops!

Woodwork, ceramics, darkroom, digital printing, car repair, metalwork, silkscreen printing, bicycle repair, and large multi-purpose workshop.
Accessible on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or to join one of our training courses.

Becoming a member

Any person / collective that subscribes to the mission and vision of Bâtiment 7 can become a member!

Supporting member

Individual or group that subscribes to the mission-vision

  • Take part in democratic life and orientations through the annual extended general circle
  • Receive the newsletter
  • Get invited to members-only events and activities

Active member

Individual or group that subscribes to the mission-vision and is actively involved

  • Take part in the implementation of the mission and vision, and in decision-making processes
  • Receive the newsletter
  • Get invited to members-only events and activities