Who are we?




Nathacha Alexandroff, Pointe-St-Charles citizen

Judith Cayer, Building 7 project manager

Gabrielle Gérin, member of les Sans-Taverne

Marcel Sévigny, member of Le Détour grocery store

Karine Triollet, Action-Gardien Community Table



Judith Cayer, Project manager – development

Jack Aude Pichette, Project manager – financing

Isabelle Monast-Landriault, Project manager – development of the food and health/family hubs

Rushdia Mehreen- Accessibility and diversity

Pierre-Olivier Parent, Project manager – construction

Mubeenah Mughal- Community engagement

Princesse Lamarche- Internal communication and IT

Hermine Ortega- Workshop coordination


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 Vision, mission & values


Born in 2009 in Point St. Charles, 7 à nous is a not-for-profit organisation
that united citizens and members of local libertarian, cultural and social economy groups.
Its purpose is to develop Building 7, which stands on the former CN lands,
on the southern tip of the Point.



The 7 à Nous collective has reclaimed a heritage industrial building,
a fragment of popular history in Point St. Charles, in order to convert it into a laboratory for collective autonomy,
an accessible alternative gathering place teeming with projects.
Deeply rooted in the very soil on which it stands yet open to the world,
Building 7 aspires to become an engine for cultural, social, political,
economic and environmental renewal.



1. To self-manage a collective property rooted in the area’s popular history;

2. To create a hub of artistic, cultural, social and political services
and activities to respond to the needs and desires of the local population;

3. To safeguard the accessibility of the site to all, with a strong and affirmed bias
in favour of marginalized and impoverished populations;

4. To establish an ecosystem based on experimentation and learning,
in order to promote self-reliance, interdependence, complementarity and resource-sharing;

5. To practice a horizontal and inclusive democratic mode of management;

6. To demonstrate solidarity towards other social justice efforts and to engage in the collective
reappropriation of our neighborhoods, our cities and our sense of togetherness.



The Building 7 project channels values ​​of social justice,
autonomy, respect and democracy and aims to be a driving force for social, political,
cultural, economic and environmental renewal, emerging from
the very soil on which it was built… to influence the world!




> History



Getting the keys: the 7 à Nous collective is now owner of Building 7!

Final development plans and undertaking of basic construction work


Plans and specifications for repairs of masonry and roof

Grant applications and approaching donors


April, rehabilitation work on the north side

Design of presentation tools and creation of business plan.


Signature of the CN land development agreement: handover of Building 7 to the community for one dollar, with a donation to help carry out emergency work.


Constitution of the 7 à Nous collective, in emergency response to the demolition of the “Storage Shed”.

Founding members: Action-Gardien (Point St. Charles community table), Centre social autogéré, Club populaire des consommateurs, Mark Poddubiuk (architect), Nathacha Alexandroff (neighborhood citizen), Quartier Éphémère.

Five years of mobilization for the handover of Building 7 to the community.


Sale of land to Mach Group for one dollar.

Popular opposition to the Casino project in the Bridge area and to fairgrounds on CN property


First community mobilization in Point St. Charles demanding the development of former CN grounds in a way that meets the needs of the local population.