The Bâtiment 7 is accessible by public transport bus no. 57 or 71 from Metro Charlevoix (or a 20-minute walk from the metro).

The space is wheelchair accessible.

The terrain around Batiment 7 is relatively rugged, and a fairly long wooden ramp is required to access the main entrance door. Access to the ramp is via Le Ber Street, to the left of Le Détour grocery store. Accessibility of the ramp in snowy conditions is yet to be assessed.

The main door is automatic and there is a lift to access the 2nd floor. The lift is a bit capricious, but instructions are written on the wall and people at the reception desk can help.

The bathrooms are on both floors and are gender-neutral and wheelchair accessible.

Bâtiment 7 strives to make our space safer and welcoming for all. We strive to be more accessible to people with different disabilities and needs. In the meantime, if you have other specific accessibility needs that are not addressed here, please let us know.