Call for Projects

Call for Projects
+ Call for projects by season;
+ There is currently no call for projects.Calls for projects are announced on our Facebook page and our website, 3 to 6 months before the start of programming. These calls are mainly aimed at active members of Bâtiment 7, residents of Pointe-St-Charles, and marginalized and impoverished people.
Organizing an event at Bâtiment 7 (at any time)
Bâtiment 7 seeks to develop a programme of socio-cultural and political events that is coherent, inclusive, creative, attractive and complete, to answer the long expressed needs and wishes of the neighbourhood population. We want to put forward accessible programming, by and for marginalized and impoverished persons. Moreover, we want to be united and committed to other struggles for social justice and the collective reappropriation of our neighbourhoods, our cities, and our community life.

That being said, renting our spaces is at the heart of our financial sustainability. We, therefore, encourage groups and individuals able to do so to make a request to rent a space, and support Bâtiment 7!

For everyone else, we are launching calls for projects in order to complete our seasonal programming (winter, spring, summer, fall).

You can also contact us to make a request for collaboration on projects that share our values and with a mandate similar to our own.

In any case, contact for more information.