Becoming builders of collective autonomy

Building 7
Opening: Spring of 2018
Carrier : 7 à Nous Collective
89316square foot

of surface


2003 - 2004
First citizen flag planted on CN grounds; ;
2005 - 2006
CN grounds are sold to Vincent Chiara, owner of Mach Group, for one dollar; Victorious popular struggle against the fairgrounds and the Montreal Casino projects;
2007 - 2008
Public consultations;
2009 - 2011
Creation of the 7 à nous collective;
Actions, negotiations and pressures aiming for the handover of the Building 7;
Signature of a development agreement between Mach and 7 à nous, with $ 1M for basic renovations;
2013 - 2016
Negociations, project development and lots and lots of resilience ...
April 28th, 2017
Signature of the official handover. B7 is finally ours!
Renovations begin;
2018 : Official opening [ [date to come!]]

Our mission

      To self-manage a collective property firmly rooted in our neighborhood's popular history;

      To create a hub of services, as well as artistic, cultural, social and political activities that adequately respond to the needs and desires expressed by the local population;

      To ensure the accessibility of the site to one and all, with a strong and affirmed bias in favour of marginalized and impoverished populations;

      To create an ecosystem based on experimentation and learning, in order to promote self-reliance, interdependence, complementarity and resource-sharing;

      To practice a horizontal and inclusive democratic mode of management;

      To demonstrate solidarity towards other social justice efforts and to actively engage in the collective reappropriation of our neighborhoods, our cities and our sense of togetherness.

The conversion of Building 7 will be carried out in phases. Each phase will represent one of the mission's many axes of deployment. Collaborative Practices and Local Services, Family and Health, Food Security and Urban Agriculture, Contemporary Art – these are the parts of an exciting sum created by and for the surrounding community.

Who are we?

Learn more about Building 7 projects

Practices hub

Acquiring essential services and common tools. Opening and sharing spaces, based on our needs. Becoming builders of collective autonomy.

Practices Hub
  • In progress25%
Opening date: Spring of 2018
19316square feet

of surface

Projects in development

  • Self-managed grocery store
  • Local brewpub
  • Arcade
  • Art school
  • Multipurpose room
  • Large multi-purpose workshop
  • 12,000 ft2 of collaborative spaces for metalworking, woodworking, bicycle repair, car mechanics, ceramic arts, screen printing, digital printing, painting, offices and a tool-sharing counter.


Satisfying basic needs is the bedrock of the Building 7 project.

In this virtually service-free area of Pointe St. Charles, Building 7 banks on providing basic consumer producs, the means of production and spaces for social interaction. As the only place in the area in which to simultaneously find carrots, lunch, community references, beer and some plain, healthy hustle and bustle, Building 7 finds its legitimacy in the heart of scarcity. It will provide the surrounding population with an authentic and bustling environment, an intergenerational crossroads, at all hours of the day.

As the project openly seeks to transcend socio-economic disparities, it constitutes a solid foundation for the dignity of an entire community, the only possible path towards a complete neighbourhood.

Click here to find out more about the projects developing in the Practices hub

Health and Family Hub

Life and the caring for life, from its very beginning, as the foundation of all communities; The intermingling of generations as a motor for collective action; The reappropriation of our well-being, at all levels ... for one and all.

Health and Family
  • In development50%
Opening: 2019
24752square feet

of surface

Projects currently being developed:

  • CPE les Enfants de l’Avenir
  • Alternative health and movement spaces[projects starting]


The Health & Family Hub highlights Building 7’s mission to offer local services, satisfy basic needs and contribute to a lively community environment. The hub is strongly geared towards the empowerment of women and families. It will serve as a space in which to cultivate the art of well-being, on all levels.

Food Hub

Providing collective equipment and knowledge in order to greatly increase food autonomy in the area. To become a trend-setting project for the benefit of all communities. Basically, to feed the people of the Point today while cultivating the city of tomorrow.

Food Hub
  • In Progress75%
Opening : 2020
21251square feet

of surface

Retained uses

  • Food production
  • Food processing
  • Sale and distribution
  • Environmental management
  • Education and empowerment


7 à Nous Collective
Action-Gardien Community Table
Club populaire des consommateurs
Share the Warmth
Le Détour


École de Design de l'UQÀM
École de Technologie Supérieure
Écuries de Montréal, Pointe-Saint-Charles project
Miel Montréal


Since the area surrounding Building 7 is a chronic food desert, the creation of a collective infrastructure that seeks to improve Point St. Charles’ food autonomy seems obvious.

This is why 7 à nous is specifically setting aside 21,251 ft2 of the building (Part C) to establish a food hub to meet the needs of the community, by providing collective equipments and spaces for the production, distribution, processing and management of output.

A committee is currently working on the food hub’s design, led by five organizations that are local driving forces in food security: the 7 à nous collective, Le Détour grocery store, Action-Watchdog community table, the Club populaire des consommateurs and Share the Warmth. The hub aims to become a credible demonstration of community-based food sovereignty – a vital and significant project for Montreal.