+ Four new projects are added to Phase 1: a complementary health centre, a textile and puppet workshop, and two socio-cultural groups.

+ Mobilization against the construction of new condos on adjacent lots aims to give the site more room to breathe, improve access to Bâtiment 7 and allow it to shine in its community!

+ Restorative circles, an alternative approach to address tensions and conflicts, are set up at Bâtiment 7.

+ Beginning of the design process for Phase 2.

+ Awards won at the Gala du Développement durable de Montréal and Gala UNIO.


+ April 28th: A self-management structure is adopted at Bâtiment 7’s first General Circle.

+ May 5th: Grand Opening Party: chains are cut, a strong symbol reminiscent of the first demonstration on the CN grounds in 2004, at the very beginning of the neighbourhood mobilization. 14 years later, we finally had the immense pleasure of declaring: « From now on, and forever, Batiment 7 is open! »

+ 13 projects by and for the community begin their activities: a grocery store, a craft brewery, an arcade, workshops and an art school are officially opened!

+ The 7 À NOUS collective initiates a partnership with Concordia’s Office of Community Engagement.

+ “Agir Ensemble” award from Opération Patrimoine and Distinction Santé durable award from the Association de la Santé publique du Québec.


+ April 28th: keys are handed over to the 7 À NOUS collective, which now owns the building, almost 10 years after the beginning of mobilization!

+ Mobilization continues, Phase 1 begins to take shape, self-management methods are explored, and we look for financing.

+ Final development plans are drafted and basic work begins on the first 25% of the building (section A).

+ Next City Vanguard first prize.


+ Mobilization within the community (public assembly, emergence and support for citizen projects, etc.).

+ Emission of community bonds .

+ Steps are taken to obtain grants and subsidies.

+ Plans and specifications are drawn up to repair the masonry and roofing.

+ First prize in social economy (PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest).


+ Negotiations and pressure for Bâtiment 7 to be transferred as agreed.

+ Sustained mobilization work to hold the fort during these years of waiting.

+ Restoration work around Bâtiment 7.

+ Presentation tools and a business plan are designed as the development strategy begins to take shape.


+ October 21st: the CN grounds development agreement is signed between the City of Montréal and Les Cours Pointe-Saint-Charles inc. (Mach Group).

+ Victory! The agreement transferring Bâtiment 7 to the community for $1 is signed, complete with a $1 million donation for urgent renovations.


+ Different groups continue rallying around different issues related to the development of the CN grounds: social housing, green spaces, Bâtiment 7, protection of a park, keeping truck access out of the inhabited areas.

+ Targeted mobilization for the cession of Bâtiment 7 to the community: direct action, petitions, demonstrations, negotiations…

+ Consultations sur le projet du promoteur par l’Office de consultation publique de Montréal.


+ March 11th: the 7 À NOUS collective is created in reaction to the unauthorized demolition of the “Storage Shed” by Groupe Mach. The Storage Shed was the 7th part of Bâtiment 7, which is now a simple slab of concrete between parts B and C of Batiment 7.

+ Founding members: Action-Gardien (the Pointe-Saint-Charles community concertation table), Centre Social Autogéré, Club Populaire des Consommateurs, Mark Poddubiuk (architect), Nathacha Alexandroff (a neighbourhood resident), and Quartier Éphémère.


+ Action-Gardien, the Pointe-Saint-Charles community concertation table, launches a grassroots land development operation for the CN grounds in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

+ Citizens’ proposals for the site are formulated.


+ The CN grounds are sold to the Mach Group for $1.

+ Public opposition mounts against a Casino in the Bridge sector and a Convention Centre on the CN grounds.


+ The Pointe-Saint-Charles community and its organizations begin rallying to ask for the former CN grounds to be developed in a way that answers local needs.

+ A citizens’ flag is planted on the CN grounds!