Next Phase

This conceptual illustration provides an overview of the outdoor space use, including the CPE and small urban farm, before the official renderings are made available.
On top of all the ongoing projects, did you know there is an additional 70,000 sq. ft. of non-renovated space at Bâtiment 7? That’s three times the area currently open to the public!

In 2020 and 2021, Bâtiment 7 will continue its development by and for the community, by initiating Phase 2 of its development. With its owner-builder status, the 7 À NOUS NPO will put together a motivated team to take on the next steps in renovating the building. The spaces created will have the means to host a new facility for the Les enfants de l’avenir CPE (80 spaces), as well as many projects currently being defined collectively.

Outside the building, the community will continue appropriating space, getting involved in the development of the gardens and of the early stages of a small urban farm. The container farming and soilless agriculture projects will mark the first steps for a neighbourhood food hub which will blossom in the coming years.

With plenty of green spaces for the neighbourhood and new services by and for its residents, the best is yet to come!