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Frequently Asked Questions

1When will Building 7 open to the public?
There is no official date yet: it all depends on how the project progresses. The opening, however, is planned for early 2018. Stay tuned!
2How can we volunteer for Building 7?
For the time being, Building 7 is just a huge building site! Volunteer involvement strictly depends on the needs of the moment. Recuperating materials, door-to-door distribution, graphic design: the possibilities for participation before opening are endless! Some groups / projects will be needing volunteers shortly. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our newsletter or Facebook page. You can also simply send us a message with your interests and contact details!
3How can I become a member of B7?
Official membership is not yet available in Building 7. Shortly before opening, some collectives such as La Coulée, Le Détour and some of the collaborative workshops will be recruiting members!
4Can we visit Building 7?
Until the end of the project, the interior of the building will not be accessible to the public. You will have to wait for our official opening to visit!
5I / we have a project to propose. Is there room left for me / us in Building 7?
The first phase is now complete, but the other parts of the building are still being developed. Write us for more information!

Le Building no 7 is on the corner of Sainte-Madeleine and Le Ber streets.


During the construction phase in Building no 7, 7 à Nous' office are in Lorne Center, in Pointe Saint-Charles.