Vision, mission & values

Our commitment to a Vision
The Collectif 7 à Nous re-claimed an industrial heritage building, a piece of Pointe Saint-Charles’ working-class history, to convert it into a space to manufacture collective autonomy, an alternative and accessible gathering
place that is bubbling with projects. Rooted in the community in which this project came to life, open to the world, Batiment 7 aspires to become a vehicle of cultural, social, political, economic and environmental
We are committed to a Mission
+ To self-manage a collective property rooted in working-class history of Pointe Saint-Charles;
+ To create a hub of artistic, cultural, social and political services in response to the needs and desires expressed, over a long period, by the population of PSC.
+ Guarantee the accessibility of the space for all, with a particular focus on people who are marginalized and who live in poverty;
+ To establish an ecosystem based on experimentation and learning, in order to promote self-reliance, interdependence, complementarity and resource-sharing;
+ To practice a horizontal and inclusive democratic management structure ;
+ To demonstrate solidarity towards other social justice efforts and to engage in the collective reappropriation of our neighbourhoods, our cities and our sense of togetherness.
The Batiment 7 project channels values ​​of social justice, autonomy, respect and democracy and aims to be a driving force for social, political, cultural, economic and environmental renewal, emerging from the very soil on which it was built… to influence the world!